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YouTube video by mypcblewup

How To Insert / Remove a Nano SIM Card

into Apple iPhone

How to insert a Nano SIM card into the Apple iPhone 6 Plus:

*also be replicated on the Apple iPhone 4 | iPhone 4S | iPhone 5 | iPhone  5C | iPhone  5S | iPhone SE | iPhone 6 | iPhone 6S | iPhone 6S Plus | iPhone 7 | iPhone 7 Plus | iPhone 8 | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone X | iPhone XR | iPhone XS | iPhone XS Max


1. Locate the NanoSIM Slot

2. Use a Paperclip or the Sim Card Removal Tool that came with the iPhone and align end with the Pinhole

3. Push Paperclip or Sim Card Removal Tool in until the Tray slides out

If u don't have a Paperclip or your Paperclip is too big then use an Earring, also Don't try a staple its way too small and weak.

4. Remove Tray and fit the NanoSIM Card (contact points facing down)

5. Align the two pin holes and reinsert Tray into an iPhone

6. Press Tray into an iPhone and that's it!


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