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YouTube video by Kalawati Sharma

How to Create Free Gmail Account in Mobile

without Mobile Number Verification

YouTube video by Durai Jiiva

Creating Gmail Account (Google Play Store Account) Without Mobile Phone Number Verification

1. Create Gmail account without phone number verfication in easy way.

2. Just think that you are a kid and you are under 15. So google think that you don’t have mobile phone and it will not ask for phone number verification. 

3. First of all clear cookies, data, history of your browser.

4. Open any browser enter the Gmail address ,click on create new account. Enter your details name, username, password and birth date. Keep in mind you have to set your birth year 2003.

5. Keep the mobile phone place empty, setup recovery email, accepts the terms and conditions.


How to Create Free Gmail Account in Desktop

without Mobile Number Verification

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