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How To Create Free Apple ID

with Free iCloud ® 5GB Storage

Creating Free Apple ID and Free iCloud 5GB Storage

without credit card or other payment method

The following steps were performed on an iPhone,

but the process is the same whether you use an iPod touch, an iPad, or even iTunes from your desktop computer.


If you forget your Apple ID & your password, your iPhone will be forever locked and cannot reset anymore.

Please follow the instruction step by step carefully, and we

highly recommend you to WRITE DOWN all the information you fill on each step.


Make your Free iCloud Email

[ iPhone 4S ]

Settings >

Click iCloud > 

Click Create a new Apple ID

iPhone 5 or above ]

Settings >

Click Sign in to your iPhone 

Click Don't have an Apple ID > Click Create Apple ID 



Enter a your Date of Birth > Click Next

Year of Birth must be older than 13 years old.



Type your First Name >

Type your Last Name > Click Next



Create Apple ID

Select Get a free iCloud email address > Click Next

Don't select "Use your current email address"


iCloud Email

Create your new iCloud Email name > 

  Example :

  ( In this example, you only need to type apple65583885 )

  This name must be NOT taken yet,

and don't type

Click Next > Click Create


Apple ID Password

Type a new Password >

Re-type the new Password > Click Next

  Password must have 8 or more charactersincluding 

Capitial English Letters (Upper English Letters) and

Lowercase English Letters, and


Password CANNOT be same as your account name and CANNOT be same as your your birthday.

  Example : Online852

  ( In this example, your password has more than 8 characters with Capital English and Lowercase English and Numbers )



Don't forget your Password, and must 

WRITE DOWN the Password and the 3 Questions & 3 Answers.



Question 1 of 3

Choose a Question >

Type an Answer > Click Next


Question 2 of 3

Choose a Question >

Type an Answer > Click Next



Question 3 of 3

Choose a Question >

Type an Answer > Click Next


Terms and Conditions

Click Agree > Click Agree >

wait around 2 minutes for verifying...

Apple ID is not completed yet, please follow STEP TWO below



Review your account

Settings >

Click iTunes & App Store 

Click Sign In Click Use Existing Apple ID


Apple ID Password

Type your iCloud Email Address >

Example :

  Type the Full iCloud Email Address, including ""


Type your Password > Click Sign In



This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes Store.

Click Review


Complete your Apple ID / Account Settings

Country or Region > Select Hong Kong >

Agree to Terms and Conditions Select >

Click Next



Select a Title 

  Example of Title : Ms

Click Done > Click Next



Select None ✔


Type a Street >

  Example of Street : Central

Type a Phone number >

Example of Phone Number : 852 | 12345678 )

Click Next


Congratulations / Apple ID Completed

 Click Done


Double-click the Home Button> Scroll up to close it


You should now be able to Download Free Apps from App Store.


With iCloud, you get 5GB of Free Storage that can be used for photos, videos, documents, app data, and more. 

Enjoy your new iPhone.

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