About Us

ONLINE852.com is a mobile outlet, providing Hong Kong's oversea workers a reliable and better place to buy mobiles. All of mobiles are open line, which are guaranteed 100% working in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. We do our best to make sure our customers get the high quality mobile, at the lowest price ! 

ONLINE852.com has helped a lot of Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities comprising foreign domestic helpers and new immigrants and those who have lived in the city for generations get more out of their phones and services. Our Mobile Advisors are standing by to offer advice, answer any questions or satisfy any service needs you may have. For iPhone users, our Mobile Advisors are also willing to help you with creating an APPLE ID without credit card. 

So whenever you are looking for good mobiles at cheap prices. ONLINE852.com is right here ready to meet you!


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本店所有貨品只限於已登記會員的海外僱傭選購, 非合資格會員, 一律恕不招待, 敬請見諒 。

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